From the homeland to the world

Land of Ceramics


Ceramics have always been a vital part of the Anatolian production tradition for 8000years. Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group strive at reestablishment of this asset of Turkey, announcing to the world the quality and design power of “Turkishceramics” as well.

The bright future of Turkish ceramics could already be seen many thousands of years ago and the process initiated in the mid20th century. But the long-waited grand breakthrough came in the year of 1997, when Turkish ceramics companies gathered to form the Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group, under the roof of Ministry of Economy and with the support of Central Anatolian Exporters Union and Turkish Ceramics Federation. The Promotion Group has set its main goal to raise a premium perception towards Turkishceramics. In this regard, a collective consciousness has been pursued from the beginning. After taking the initiatives in this direction, the Promotion Group functioned asdas a communicator among the participating Turkishceramics firms and this led to easing of the further steps to be taken.

The following and the actual motive of the founding of the Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group was to support branding activities abroad to give the main message that “Turkey is the land of ceramics” in order to communicate Turkish ceramics as a worldbrand.

The activities of the Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group include many successful events from participating in fairs to organizing events in many foreign countries. In addition, communication campaigns have been used in recent years in order to attract traffic to Turkish Ceramics’ stands at fairs and to increase awareness, create a brand image and ultimately boost the interest in the Turkish ceramics. The mass media communication campaigns have included. The message is, in short: “Turkey is the land of ceramics”.

Moreover, the brand of “Turkishceramics” was created, to be the main actor of the ads and editorials to be published in many important international magazines. To strengthen Turkishceramics’ global image, Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group continues participating in international fairs as “Turkishceramics” annually. Besides, elements of Turkish traditions such as Turkish breakfast and Turkish coffee are being promoted as well in order to increase the interest to Turkish culture and “Turkishceramics” booth. Furthermore, famous Turkish artists join the promotion efforts with their breathtaking performances during the international fairs, in order to increase the awareness of Turkish ceramics.

Source: Gulf News

One of the most important structural artists in the Turkish and world history

mimarsinanMimar Sinan, who gained experience by buildingcottages, stables andwaterways in his village, was taken from Kayseri to Istanbul in1512 as a devshirmeh and joined the Yeniçeri Acemi Oğlanlar ocağı (Janissary Conscript Boys organization). Herehe worked with the good architects ofthe era. After the apprenticeship period,he joined one of the Janissary armies..He participated in Yavuz Sultan Selim’s Iran and Egypt expeditions in 1517 as ahorsed sekban; thus he got the chanceto examine the architectural structuresin Iran and Egypt.

During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, Mimar Sinan participatedin Belgrade (1521) and Rhodes (1522)expeditions and after the Mohacs expedition,he was promoted to the positionof armory keeper. He was promoted toinfantry colonel in Iraq expedition which was followed by the position of head armory keeper. During the Iran campaign( 1535) that was coordinated after the Iraqain campaign in 1534, because of his success in building the ships that would provide transport of the troops across Lake Van, he was promoted to the position of “Haseki”

Hüsreviye Mosque in Aleppo (1536-1537) is acknowledged as the first building of Sinan, who worked not as awarrior infantry, but as a bulwark coordinator and designer in Janissary corps.Mimar Sinan’s master piece is consideredto be Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul which was completed in 1557.After the success of this mosque, Sinan was given the title “Koca” meaning “thegreat, supreme”.Mimar Sinan, who built water ways,fountains, mosques, social complexes and madrasahs in Anatolian cities of Istanbul, Edirne, Ankara, Kayseri, Erzurum, Manisa, Bolu, Çorum, Kütahya etc.as well as in Ottoman lands of Aleppo, Damascus, Buda, Ruse and who madethe country a livable one, built the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne when he was 85 years old. For one of his last works, Kaptanıderya Piyale Paşa Mosque (1573) in Kasımpaşa, Sinan went back to the plans of old grand mosques and combined the features of foundation eraand his experiences as an architect.


Sense of Architecture

Mimar Sinan joined thecreativity ofengineering techniques with his artistictaste and produced unique structures.But in all these structures, thereis a dominant artistic insight that hidesthe functionality under aesthetics. Inthis way, he highlighted plastic valuesand especially used square, hexagonaland octagonal plans to create a sense ofspaciousness in the structures he built.In these buildings, architectural componentsharmonious with each other werearranged to create a sense of magnificence.He used holes and panels, anddecorated the column heads with stalactitesin order make the columns carryingthe dome look narrower. But alsohe implemented a concept that preventedthe functions from being disregardedin decorations. Sinan was a fruitful architectwith a considerable number ofmosques, small mosques, madrasahs,mausoleums, imarets, hospitals, aqueducts,bridges ,caravanserais, palaces,cellars and baths, of which a few are inthe nature of a repair

The large market of Turkish contracting sector

Turkish Contracting Sector

Primarily in its own region,Turkish contracting sectorhas made its mark in highvolumeprojects in differentregions of the world. Turkish contractingsector that exceeded 10 billion dollarsworth of undertaken projects forthe first time in 2004, has displayeda performance over 20 billion dollarssince 2006 despite the politicaland economic fluctuations around theworld. Project cost of 26.6 billion dollarsthat was undertaken in 2012 is thehighest figure achieved. While the averageproject cost was around 20 milliondollars in the beginning of 2000s,this figure has increased to the range of40 million dollars from 2006 onwards.Average project cost that continued inthis range for around 5 years has acceleratedconsiderably in 2012 and increasedto the range of 60 million dollars..At present, Turkish contractors aremaking their marks successfully inmajor projects mainly in Commonwealthof Independent States, followedby Middle-east and Africa. Regionaldistribution of the undertaken projectsto this day by the end of January 2013is; CIS 44% (105.7 billion dollars), Middle-East 27% (66.4 billion dollars), Africa19% (46.4 billion dollars), Europe andAmerica 7% (16.7 billion dollars), Asia-Pacific 3% (7.3 billion dollars.)Volume of 8.5 billion dollarsin UAETurkish contracting sector that hasbeen active in the region for a long timeis realizing a considerable level of projectsin United Arab Emirates. Between1972 and 2013, the value of the totalprojects realized by the Turkish contractors was 8.4 billion dollars. This figureindicates that 3.5 percent of all theoverseas projects of Turkish contractorswere realized in United Arab Emirates.Looking at 2012 as a whole, it canbe seen that the margin of the projectsrealized in UAE by the Turkish contractingsector in the overall projectsoverseas is higher. With projects worth1.2 billion dollars, margin of the projectsrealized in UAE in overall projectsoverseas has increased to 4.8 percent.

Turkish signatu re from thefloor to the roofTurkish contracting companies hasacquired a good position specifically inUnited Arab Emirates in the last 5 years.Turkish companies have undertakencontracts with domestic and foreignpartners especially in a great numberof projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, andin this context, took active parts in projectssuch as subways, bridges, highways,skyscrapers, hotels, residences offices and tourism facilities. In additionto complete construction projects,Turkish companies have made theirmarks in considerably important sideprojects of buildings such as conductingground studies, penetration of thepiles, or manufacture and assemblyof electro-mechanical parts and theyconstituted an important part of theUAE contracting sector. Crisis experiencedin Dubai, which is one of the locationswhere the Turkish contractingsector has completed major projectsin the recent years, affected the Turkishcontracting companies operating inthis area, to some extent. In the emirateof Abu Dhabi, which owns 85% ofthe lands and oil revenues of UAE, thepresence of State’s investment fundsaccumulated as based on the high oil prices in the recent years, but believedto have fallen to around 200 billiondollars because of the bankrupt banksand portfolio investments in USA,have assured the effect of this crisisto be more limited when comparedto Dubai and even though the constructionprojects have slowed down,there has been no major-scale cancellationsso far. Some of the companiesthat had their projects cancelledor troubled in Dubai have moved toAbu Dhabi searching for new businessopportunities. Although Sharjah, Ajman,Umm Al Quwein, Ras Al Khaimahand Fujairah, which are known asthe Northern Emirates of UAE were affectedby the crisis around the world,the effect was comparatively lightergiven the fact that constructionand general commercial activitiesare less intense in these emiratesthan in Dubai.

Source: http://gcmediagroup.com/img/GC-GulfNews-07.10.2013.pdf



RITA and SAPPHIRE series bearing modern lines offer counter-top or counter-top embedded application options for its basin options matched to wall-suspended toilet bowls. With rectangular and oblong geometrical configurations, RITA and SAPPHIRE series offer a plainness which is a continuation of the minimal SEREL line to a space. The basins which have two different application options for either series come in 60x40cm format and are fit to be used with counters or furniture. Basin options located on counters may be chosen but there is the option which has the same lines which may be embedded on the counter. The basins which afford ease of cleaning with their plain and soft lines have a common component which is the ceramic washing group lid. Toilets bowls which allow linear integration with basin options which operate at full function with 4.5 liters of water together with embedded toilet bowl tap which is one of the most recent period innovations by SEREL, also offer the option of using hot or cold water f or personal hygiene. RITA and SAPPHIRE suspended toilet bowls which are compatible with new generation SEREL bowl lids with SEREL SilentClose® and SEREL EasyRelease® functions offer as an option quiet and slow closing of lid sets. These lids also allow the bowls to be cleaned easily, thanks to easy dismantling and mounting functions by just pressinga button.

Kale Carries The Magic of Glass to Elegant Spaces


Kale, enriching its wide product spectrum in natural stone with glass mosaic, offers aesthetic solutions for elegant and select spaces with its Nature series. Nature, where Kale creates striking and smashing surfaces with glass mosaics in monochrome or multicolor is especially opted for as a functional and decorative surface covering material in different areas like column coverings, bathroom and kitchen applications. Kale Cam Mozaik opens new doors for designers and professionals with the Nature series which has a modular application option which is quite compatible with ceramic. Nature series comprises 0.8 cm-thick “Natural Stone & Glass Mosaic” and “Natural Stone & Glass & Stainless Steel Mixed Mosaic”. The series carrying the magic of glass to elegant spaces offers useful solutions for homes, hotels offices and restaurants.


Turkishceramics Launches ‘Chockablock’ The New Social Space At 100% Design


Turkishceramics makes its London Design Festival debut today at 100% Design 2013 collaborating with London-based architect and interior designer, Ferhan Azman, founder of Azman Architects, to design Chockablock, a ceramic installation for the International Pavilion. The installation providesa bar, meeting areas, a private events space and a VIP area. Turkishceramics is the lead sponsor of the new International Pavilion at this year’s event.

Derived from the Turkish word ‘Çok Kalabalık’ meaning a place that is full of people or things, Chockablock is the new social destination for 100% Design. The 54 metre long bar showcases the quality and variety of contemporary Turkish ceramics, integrating a bar space, meeting and VIP areas. Chockablock is made up of a variety of sculptural tiles covering the installation’s main bar area and dramatic 4 metre columns.

Reflecting the quality, strong design values and innovation of Turkish ceramic products, Azman’s design approach is highly-curated and creative; her design thinking can be seen in the practice’s previous projects such as the Alexander McQueen Flagship Store in London and the Vivienne Westwood exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Commenting on the installation’s design, Ferhan Azman said:

Ceramic manufacturers in Turkey are producing tiles and sanitary ware of great variety and technical sophistication. In our design for the International Pavilion at 100% Design this year, we have chosen some intriguing products which we’ve used in dramatic and unexpected ways.”

New to 100% Design, the International Pavilion brings together talent from countries and cities around the world such as Turkey, Argentina, France, Korea, Shenzen, Südtirol and Taipei. Turkishceramics represents over 30 manufacturers and exporters. Bahadir Kayan, representative for Turkishceramics, said:

“We’re very excited about the UK debut of Turkishceramics at 100% Design. Chockablock is a striking installation and is the perfect social destination for visitors to gather. Combining innovative, quality design with personal connections is important to Turkishceramics. We’re pleased that we can share this experience with the dynamic design and architecture community of London at 100% Design.”

The Turkishceramics installation (IP500) and stand (IP400) can be visited at the International Pavilion at 100% Design at Earls Court from 18-21 September.

For more information on 100% Design please visit www.100percentdesign.co.uk. For more information on Turkishceramics please visit www.Turkishceramics.com.

Turkishceramics is hosting two seminars during 100% Design:

1. Eric Parry in conversation with Rory Olcayto, Architects’ Journal in the Main Auditorium on 18 September, 1:30pm – 2:15pm

2. Contemporary Architecture and Design in Turkey, chaired by Emma O’Kelly, Editor-at-large at Wallpaper*. Speakers include Ferhan Azman, founder of Azman Architects; Gokhan Avcioglu, founder of GAD Architects; and Bilge Nur Saltik, product designer. The seminar is located in the International Pavilion on 19 September, 1:00pm – 1:30pm

%100 Design, %100 turkishceramics


The UK’s largest design trade event %100 Design ended. The event continued between the 18-21 September. turkishceramics was the lead sponsor of the International Pavilion at this year’s event. We collaborated with London-based architect Ferhan Azman to design a ceramic installation for the %100 Design. She created a dramatic ceramic installation which provided a bar, hospitality space and VIP area. She described her creation with these words; “Ceramic manufacturers in Turkey are producing tiles and sanitary ware of great variety and technical sophistication. In our design for the International Pavilion at 100% Design this year, we have chosen some intriguing products which we’re using in dramatic and unexpected ways.”

In Turkey, ceramic production has a long history and this tradition has started with the first ceramics being created in Anatolia over 8000 years ago. As turkishceramics, our purpose from the beginning is to raise awareness of the quality of Turkish ceramic tiles. We are so proud to continue this tradition of innovation and show this all over the world. In %100 Design, we represented over 30 manufacturers and exporters and showed the quality of Turkish ceramic tiles.


“turkishceramics” welcomes Cersaie visitors to hear the sound of a ‘Turkish Touch’

Fahir Atakoglu E-Davetiye

For its sixth year at Piazza Maggiore, Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group invites Cersaie visitors to the Fahir Atakoğlu Symphonic Project with the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini which will take place at Bologna City Center on 25th of September.

Ceramic production in Turkey has a long history and rich tradition, with the first ceramics being created in Anatolia over 8000 years ago. Today, Turkish ceramic producers are proud to continue this tradition of innovation with a creative approach and a broad range of high quality and durable products for both the professional and consumer markets. Representing over 33 individual companies, Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group aims to raise awareness of Turkish ceramics abroad and communicate the quality of Turkish ceramic tiles and sanitary ware. In this regard, for its sixth year at the leading ceramics fair of the world, Cersaie (International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, 23-27/09/2013 Bologna Fiere), Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group presents another  enchanting concert on 25th of September. 23 leading Turkish ceramic companies will also participate to the fair to demonstrate their latest collections.

turkishceramics Cersaie concert

turkishceramics Cersaie concert

Hear the sound of a ‘Turkish Touch’ at Bologna

By participating Cersaie with organizing memorable concerts since 2007, this year Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group will organize another unforgettable show by blending Western music with Eastern melodies. An international award winning composer and pianist Fahir Atakoğlu is well known in the fields of large symphonic works and film music. Turkishceramics invites ceramics professionals to enjoy Fahir Atakoğlu symphonic project accompanied with Italy’s leading symphony orchestra the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini on 25th of September at Piazza del Maggiore, Bologna City, at 20:00-21:00.

Turkishceramics continue confidently to its promotion activities in light of the targets. 

Currently being the world’s 4th biggest exporter in ceramic tiles and having a ceramic production capacity of over 2 billion Euros, Turkey is also the largest producer and exporter of sanitary ware in Europe. In order to support Turkish Ceramics exportation around the world and increase the awareness of Turkish ceramics, Promotion Group continues confidently to organize different promotion activities more focused on target countries and target groups. Making its United Kingdom debut at 100% Design 2013, Turkishceramics is the lead sponsor of the new International Pavilion at this year’s event. Turkishceramics is collaborating with London-based architect and interior designer, Ferhan Azman, founder of Azman Architects, to design Chockablock, a ceramic installation for the International Pavilion that will provide a bar, meeting areas, a private events space and a VIP area.

Turkishceramics will host two seminars during 100% Design:

*Eric Parry in conversation with Rory Olcayto, Architects’ Journal in the Main Auditorium on 18 September, 1:30pm – 2:15pm

*Contemporary Architecture and Design in Turkey, chaired by Emma O’Kelly, Editor-at-large at Wallpaper* in the International Pavilion on 19 September, 1:00pm – 1:30pm

The Turkishceramics installation and stand (stand IP400) can be visited at the International Pavilion at 100% Design at Earls Court from 18-21 September. For more information on 100% Design please visit www.100percentdesign.co.uk

For more information on Turkishceramics please visit www.turkishceramics.com


Below companies will be participating to Cersaie 2013


We are at Cersaie, where the ceramic trends appear

The Cersaie which is accepted as one of the most important ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing trade fair in the world will start at 23th of September till 27th of September 2013 and take place in the city of Bologna, Italy. Everybody admit that this is the key event for ceramic and bathroom furnishing fair. The global international ceramic tile expo celebrated its 30th anniversary last year and attendance was more than 100.000 people, including 32% international visitors. There were 900 companies from 33 countries and the fairgrounds were full of capacity which shows the importance of this fair for ceramic sector.


As turkishceramics Promotion Group, we will attend Cersaie for the 7th time. Every year turkishceramics present a music festival with masters of music to the fair’s attendee. This year beside attending to the fair, turkishceramics also will present a great symphonic project by Turkish composer and pianist Fahir Atakoğlu with the Italy’s leading symphony orchestra the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini. The show will be on at Wednesday September 25, 2013 on the center of the city Piazza Maggiore. Ceramic sector professionals following this fair every year and this fair shows the new year’s trends and innovations. With its increasing participation to Cersaie every year Turkish ceramics companies proved one more time that they became global brands. This year there will be 22 leading Turkish ceramic brands which will introduce the Turkish ceramics to the world and show their latest technologies and collections.



For the ceramic tile market, the sky is the limit. Architects and designers have an endless set of tools to achieve their visions with so many visual and textural possibilities. The ceramic industry has proven itself to be innovative and endlessly inventive. We, as “turkishceramics Promotion Group” will continue to organize different promotion activities aiming to reach our target

group and target countries. To see the latest technologies and more about ceramic industry, “turkishceramics” are waiting for you in Cersaie.